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Athens Free Walking Tour

Athens Free Walking Tours

Discover the magical city of Athens by walking through its wonderful streets and remarkable monuments with a well-read person who is really passionate about the local culture and WISHING to share all his/her knowledge with you.

We prepare all of our free walking tours around Athens after years of experience working in this sector; moreover, we also do our job with great care and dedication. 😉

Check available Free Walking tours in Athens

Join us on our walking tours to immerse yourself in the local culture and learn EVERYTHING you need in order to make the most of your vacation in the Greek capital. Athens is the cradle of Western civilization and the city of the gods, a place with an ancient history and rich archaeology.

  • Do you want to learn the relevance, importance,and purpose of each its archaeological site?
  • Do you want to know the connection these sites had with their ancestral beliefs?
  • Are you interested in Greek mythology?
  • BONUS –> Hidden treasures and alternative route that usually tourists miss on their visit… Do you want to get to know Athens the way it really is?

Perfect! Because we are going to interpret all this impressive heritage that the ancient Greeks left us, but we also WANT TO OFFER YOU SOMETHING MORE:

We will walk through the modern streets to get to know the local culture, where we will share with you an endless number of interesting and funny facts. In addition, you will get to know the Greek customs and we will even have some time to learn some VERY useful expressions in this uncommonly beautiful language.

⬇️ We are delighted to present you our Best Free Walking Tour of Athens ⬇️


| Everyday at 9:00 & 17:00 |

Athens with Sam

A fun, energetic and delightful positive walk around:

History, Landmarks, Culture, Mythology, Restaurants, Shopping and Markets. Many sites and hidden treasures are awaiting for you to discover…

After 3 hours of fun and interesting facts, you will feel that you have tasted and explored the REAL Athens.

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  • Athens with Sam: With her, you will learn about this ancient and magical city’s main attractions and get to know the local culture plus some surprises…  She welcomes you every day at 9:00 & 17:00 in Syntagma.

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By the way: We try NOT to have very large groups in order to guarantee a good service and our guest’s satisfaction (which is our primary goal), so make your reservation before all the spots are booked!


We are a group of friends who have fallen IN LOVE with the magnificent city of Athens, as if we had received an arrow shot from Eros (the greek Cupid).

We offer direct treatment and personalized services, always ready to answer all your doubts and questions. We have our bow ready… Do you want to discover Athens and feel like a local?


Please –> Feel free to ask as MANY questions as you wish and test our knowledge & experience 😉! Unfortunately, nowadays, it’s common for many guides to just  “read aloud” a few paragraphs (which are always the same ones) in each site and repeat the process until the tour is done… No tour of ours is the same as the previous one! Obviously, the route is the same, and we respect the content we have previously selected and prepared, but we like to adapt and adjust ourselves to the group we have every day and their tastes.

If you like to plan your trips well and want your stay in Athens to be unparalleled, we are sure you will find useful information in our blog. Here are some of our latest articles:

Is there a specific topic you want us to write about? We are listening 🙂

We believe in freedom of information and, for this reason, we try to share everything we know by writing on our website. Moreover, we are not worried about doing it and giving it for free; as we think that this cannot replace the close and personalized service we give in our free walking tours of Athens.

What is a free tour?

A free tour is a new and innovative way to discover the place you are traveling to, an escape from the typical tourist circuits and behaviors.
We sincerely believe that a free tour is the ultimate option to get to know a city; learn the historical context and the importance of its monuments, immerse yourself in the local culture, discover dozens of curiosities, go where no tourist goes, have the opportunity to clear all your doubts and receive the best travel tips from a local person.

Are “free tours” completely free?

A payment is not required for taking part in any of our free walking tours around Athens; neither at the time of booking them, nor when attending them.
However, the guide makes his/her living with the donations he/she receives at the end of the walking tour, and not all the money stays in his/her pocket…
We invest money in marketing, advertising, affiliates and maintenance of the website in order to get people to come on our tours every day, so we have the opportunity to provide a good service and be rewarded for it.
However, if you are not satisfied with the free tour you have attended, we will understand if you don’t give us anything. Fron our side, we always try to do our best in order to make sure that this does not happen.

So, how much is normally the donation?

The amount is totally free, that is the philosophy of the free tour. The tourist, although we prefer to call him our “guest”, is the one who decides how much our work is worth.
There will be people who liked the experience a lot and decide to pay a lot for the free tour, while other people with a smaller budget tip a little more… It is always advisable to give something so that, at least, the guide can cover the expenses incurred in organizing the free tour.

How does a free walking tour work?

  1. The booking

    It is necessary to make a reservation before the tour, so check the availability of the tour and select the date and time that suits you best. When you do so you will receive a confirmation email, if not, please contact us.

  2. The day of the free walking tour

    It is recommended to be at the meeting point 10 minutes before the agreed time to avoid possible delays. It is not necessary to bring the printed confirmation, since the reservation list is digitalized and you will only need to provide your name and/or e-mail address.

  3. The “tip”

    A free tour is financed by the contributions received at the end of the tour, the amount of which depends on the satisfaction of the tourist. Factors to take into account: if the guide has answered the questions proposed, if he has been concerned about the group and has given a close treatment, the duration of the tour, the quality of the content, the itinerary… Although it is always recommended, it is not “obligatory” to contribute and it will never be required of the tourist.